Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Am Woman!

I got tired of looking at the dried and discolored old caulk around my bathtub; more tired yet of scrubbing the stuff. I decided to replace it. I am woman!

The problem with replacing old caulk is - it has to be removed. I purchased some "caulk remover." Just spray on, wait a few minutes, and wipe off. Yeah, right! After some futile minutes with the spray on remover and lots of elbow grease, I applied my lab knife. Now that's an instrument I know how to use! Slicing and scraping, I eventually had enough of the old goo removed to justify applying new goo. I am woman!

I banned the teenager from his bathroom for a couple days. The problem with banning a teenager from his own bathroom is - I had to share mine. This increased my sense of urgency to apply new goo. Armed with fancy silicone based bathroom caulk, caulk gun, paper towels, and a wet rag, I began application. I am woman!

Amazing! Freshly placed white caulk transforms even the oldest bathtubs from "What might be lurking there?" to "I think I'll have a soak!" Hiding and sealing up flaws in tile placement and flooring, new caulk is a wonder drug! I caulked the sink. I caulked the bathtub faucet. I caulked the laminate flooring where it abuts the tub. I'm considering caulking the light fixtures, toilet paper holder, and towel rack - just for fun. I am woman!

I wonder ... what might silicone caulk do for under eye bags, crow's feet, and other bodily flaws brought on by age? Can't blame me for wondering. I am woman!