Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Singers and Stars

I recently had the opportunity to chaperon the Parma High Singers on a trip to Seattle. It's quite a job. They are a pretty rough crowd - a bunch of country kids, athletes, and honor students. Just look at them!

After their performance the judge was doing her best to critique and display her knowledge. One number she chose to give pointers for was "And the Night." In an attempt to inspire the choir to catch the "feeling" of the song (the night is filled with music) she told them to imagine they were camping. "Look at the sky and see all the stars - not like when you are at home in the city." (Or something like that.)

Hey Lady! We can see the stars from our front step!!

Ya gotta love the country!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Gum Wall!

“Good Grief, Girls!” Gilda gagged.

“Grimy gobs of gooey gum!”

Giggles gurgled as Green Guy gobbled

Gross gargantuan gum ball glob!

Grabbing gum with gusto glued

Greasy gob to growing gunk.

Ghastly gasps gave way to glee.

Gazers guffawed as Green Guy's gift

Glistened on Gum Gallery!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Channeling Shirley

I've found my muse!

I'm going to forget about writing material that has any depth to it. I just need to write about junk. The kookier the better.

I caught snippets of Shirley Maclaine on the Oprah Show yesterday afternoon. (I'm not a regular Oprah viewer, but occasionally I indulge just a bit.) Now there's a woman with something to say! What she says is, well, out there!

I believe in allowing folks to follow their own path. If they truly believe in something, who am I to stand in their way? Let them follow what they may. And if it sells books ...

Does she really thinks all those goofy things, or does she just know how to sell books??? The woman is a a self-proclaimed expert on reincarnation and UFOs. I'm wondering what the purpose of UFOs are if the same souls just keep returning to this earth over and over again. Don't UFOs travel betwixt planets? Having seen them in Peru and other parts south of the equator, Shirley would certainly know how to identify an unidentified flying object, would she not? Because she lives in New Mexico where she claims there is a concentration of UFOs (apparently the Land of Enchantment is a conduit) her observational skills are well honed...

"UFO's look like clouds," she says. "But then they move."
Moving clouds? Incredible! Where can I buy her book?

I'm gonna give it a try.
I have aliens in my fruit room. They look like potatoes, but they have white antennae coming out of the top of their heads.

Anybody wanna buy a book?

Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm feeling a bit dumpy - creatively speaking. It could be because I haven't recorded my thoughts in awhile. I usually blame not recording my thoughts on a creative slump. Which comes first?

These are my excuses ...
It's track season.
It's tax season.
Cutting down on carbs means I have to spend more time in the kitchen - and the grocery store.
I am training for a race and that means more time in my running clothes.
Someone needs to work the crossword puzzle.
I have to register for college (for my son who is currently out of the country) and I haven't jumped through those hoops in over two decades!
Discouragement. I got another rejection for my novel today.
Distractions. What are my friends doing on facebook? What are they blogging about? What can I find to eat?
... and so forth.