Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tender Mercies

I've been attempting to find the blessings in everyday inconveniences.  I am not known for my patience.  I often see things as a nuisance, rather than noticing the blessing hidden inside.  Let's see how I am doing ...

Ice sculpture courtesy of cold weather and my pond.
  • My pipes froze when the garage door was left open recently.  I didn't have to attend a 7:00 am meeting because I was thawing my pipes.  Water I had stored for emergency purposes was available for drinking and tooth brushing.  
  • The same cold temperatures that froze my pipes created a beautiful ice sculpture in my pond.
  • My furnace has been making funny sounds.  I was able to get it repaired before it quit and left us without heat.
  •  The opportunity to attend the funeral services of an aged aunt brought me ever closer to my extended family.
  • My finicky computer has taught me to save online posts in a word file - just in case!
These are just a few.  Like I said, I am working on it!