Monday, August 26, 2013

Look a little closer

It has been a very dry summer.  In fact, we’ve had a couple dry summers in a row.  Drought conditions are especially worrisome in agricultural communities like ours.  Add to that boating as one of our favorite pastimes and there is little to be joyful about during a heat wave.

One of our favorite bodies of water is Owyhee Reservoir.  It is extremely low this year. So low, in fact, that the boat ramp is at least 200 yards long!  I am ever amazed at the skill level my hubby displays while launching our boat. I can’t back a trailer out of my driveway! I am grateful for his talent.  Otherwise, there would be no skiing this late in the season.

We discovered something on our most recent trip to the lake. Although we have murmured about the heat and lack of precipitation, those are the very things that allowed us to discover this little guy! 

Can you see him?
We have dubbed him “The Owyhee Bear.”  He is usually far below the water line. (I apologize for the poor photography.  My camera didn't recognize the bear face!  What's up with that?) There are many uniquely beautiful rock formations in the Owyhee Desert and many have been named and renamed.  We don’t know about our little buddy. Maybe someone has given him another moniker, but the chances are low, just like the water line!

The Owyhee Bear is a reminder to me that even during our most difficult trials we can find joy.  If we hadn’t been suffering a drought, we never would have found him.  Sometimes it takes grave trials before we find Him.  He is always there, waiting for us to seek Him. (Luke 11:9)


Mowing, mopping, making muffins.

Music mellows mundane missions.

Must my Monday make me maudlin?

Methinks my muse might miss me madly!