Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Springtime at the Greens'

Spring!  I forgot what a whirlwind it can be.  The days grow longer, but it still seems there are not enough hours.  I think that is because we tend to fill up all the daylight! Here is a short rundown of what is happening around my place.

My two college boys moved home for the summer.  That means more.  More food.  More dishes. More noise!

I made a quick trip to Cove and LaGrande, Oregon to visit my sister and do a couple of book signings.  It was fun to meet new people, renew some old acquaintances, and share some readings from my books.  I love to hear people laugh at those things I have penned that I intended to by funny.

I’m training for another half marathon.  A friend who just began running again after many years of not running asked if I would do one with her and promised to train.  We are training together.  She is faster than I and it is challenging me!

I conned some friends into running the Grand Teton Relay in August.  Wowser!  I hope we survive.

I am heading to Pennsylvania in a few days to visit my daughter and her family.  (It’s really about visiting the little girls.)

We are re-landscaping – just because. It is slow going.

The garden is producing lettuce and spinach. That will help with the “more food” challenges listed above.

I am terrorizing a pair of robins as I photograph the happenings in the nest they built outside my bedroom window.  Three little birds and one blue egg remain today.  Poor little robin.  I will have to take another photo tomorrow to see if the last egg hatched.

I’m trying to write.  It is slow going, but I have a plan and I hope to get another book in print by the end of the summer.  We will see.  I can promise it is coming, but then – so is Christmas.