Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And So it Ends ...

Before Brazil
Two years ago I tracked a flight from Boise to Brazil.  I lost track of it as it passed over the equator.  My nineteen year-old son was on that flight.
Tonight I will begin tracking another flight from Brazil to Boise.  My twenty-one year-old son will be on that flight.
So much has happened since he left ...
His truck has nearly worn out.
Little brother is now bigger brother by about five inches.
His baby niece walks, talks, and does somersaults without her hands.
He has another niece on the way.
Navy Seals eliminated Bin Laden.
BSU Broncos won a whole bunch of football games.
His parents have added Road Biking to their list of recreational activities.
Lots of people got married.
He speaks Portuguese.
We built a new gymnasium.
His uncle passed away.
Many things stayed the same ...
The economy still stinks.
Gas prices are still high.
The lawn still gets mowed on a regular basis.
We still speak English.
The Greens still ski.
I still bake when I'm feeling nervous.
We still love football.
Life still moves on.
This chapter is over and another begins.


  1. Sorry that we kinda, sorta, maybe, might've made your heart stop for a teensy,tinsy,little bit tonight! :)
    It will be all worth the wait tomorrow when you see that cute boy walk through those doors! I am a little jealous because there are certain moments in life that literally take your breath away and then have you in tears...this will be one of those moments for you and your family. I pinky-swear.
    Can't wait to see Elder Green tomorrow night! Don't forget to call us when you head home!
    Love ya!

  2. What a wonderful moment for you. We are so happy for your joyous reunion. Well done.