Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pay Attention!

Sinful colors and Sally Hansen
I have never been much into nail polish. I think it has something to do with my personality, or lack of patience! When I paint, smudging invariably occurs. On the few occasions I have had a successful polish application, I am soon disappointed as chipping and wear require removal and more tedium as I once again attempt the seemingly impossible. Don't get me wrong – I love the look of painted nails. I just don't have the patience for it.

Several months ago I determined to paint my toes for a trip to St. Thomas that never was. Ice storm in Dallas. Long story. I chose a color that I thought matched the waters of the Caribbean. Alas, we may never know. I discovered two things. (1) I liked my painted toes. (2) Polish on toes wears much longer than polish on fingernails. A plus for us impatient souls.

I have since kept my toes painted. I have discovered something else. Sinful Colors from Walgreens wears a very long time! I recommend it, especially for those of you cursed with an impatient nature.

The most amazing discovery of all came as I was removing my polish during my most recent pedicure. Here it is important for the reader to understand that I have a shameful addiction to diet soda. It can be so satisfying! The long wearing properties of Sinful Colors makes it extremely difficult to remove. I was enjoying my soda and working hard (tedium!) at removing polish when it became necessary to douse another cotton ball in polish remover. I expect the reader is thinking, “I know what happens here. She dumps either the soda or the remover all over the place!” Not so. I grabbed the polish remover and took a big swig! Burn! Burn! Burn! Fortunately, I like to savor the bubbly goodness of soda against my tongue before swallowing. Otherwise, I may not be alive to relate this sad story! I jumped from my seat carrying the open bottle of remover with me. I was making panicked mealing sounds - that would be a cross between moaning and squealing – as I raced to the kitchen sink to flush the vile fluid from my oral cavity! My concerned husband did not move from his recliner. He simply asked, “What are you doing?”

My discovery? Polish remover is not potable.

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