Saturday, June 18, 2011

Best Job Ever

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... "Being a grandma is the best job I have ever had!"
I love my own children.  I rejoice in their successes and mourn their sorrows.  However, there is nothing like grandparenting.  The pressure is off.  If the grandchild isn't perfect, it isn't my fault.  If she doesn't eat right today, I don't worry that she won't be healthy.  She can make up for it tomorrow.  If something gets broken, I now know that it isn't the first mishap nor is it the last.
The best thing about grandparenting is the unconditional love both given and received.  It was illustrated this evening when my granddaughter took my face in her hands and giggling said, "I see me!"
"Where," I asked?
She nearly poked my eye out!  It took me a moment to realize she was seeing her reflection in my eyes!
"Do you know why you can see yourself in Grandma's eyes," I asked?  "Because, I love you so much!"
Another giggle and then the sweetest hug was bestowed upon this grandma.  Ya, I'm pretty sure that being a grandma is the best job ever!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A New Adventure!

I'm diving in!  I'm jumping on the band wagon!  Nothing ventured - nothing gained! Everyone is doing it!
No, I'm not going to self publish the novel I have been trying to peddle to agents and publishers.  Nor am I trying the latest fad diet for rapid weight loss.  Coloring my hair?  I already do that. Nope, none of the above. I'm going to get a Bountiful Basket tomorrow!
I am a little leery of the unknown.  I don't know what I would do with Japanese radishes the size of sugar beets, and I am quite certain that artichokes will "go begging" at the Green house, but why not try?  (Not to be confused with Y-Not Tri)  My friends are all raving about the great produce, its longevity due to its freshness, and the fun of trying new things.  It's those new things that could be an issue!  I was dragging my feet, but the man of the house said, "Let's try it now, while we have company."  That might mean that my company gets to eat the unknowns!
Wish me luck!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'd Rather be Writing?

Why is it sometimes so hard to write?  When I don't have the time, all I can think about is writing.  When I have the time, here is what I do ...

Turn on the computer and check my email.
Start a load of laundry.
View my checking account balance.
Look on facebook to see if I have any new friends.
Grab a snack.
Check my blog stats.
Check my other email account.
Look to see if I have written anything in the past worthy of posting today.
Google literary agents.
Read the blogs I follow.
Wonder how to get more followers on my blog.
Look for a cute photo to post with a blog I have not yet written.
Bake something.

And the list goes on ...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good Works

Okay, I know everyone is talking about it, and I know I don't have a clue how many people have pitched in, and I know some have done so much more than others ... but when the delivery truck loaded with roofing supplies showed up this afternoon, I cried again!

You've seen it happen on TV in a matter of days ... with professionals and a Television network driving the project, but have you seen a small community rebuild a house for someone in need in just over a week?  That is what is happening in Parma this week, and it is inspiring.

Contractors who could be working on paying jobs are donating their time and resources.  Housewives are providing nourishment AND tearing up old tile!  Teenagers are tearing down, cleaning up, smoothing out, hauling off, and doing it all with a smile!  The best part is, most of these people have never met the recipient of all this good will! They just know he is a member of the community who is in need.

I once read a quote that said, "There isn't much to see in a small town, but what you hear makes up for it."  I'm here to tell you, there is much to see and hear in this small town!