Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nuther is NOT a word!

I can't take it another minute! I've held my tongue long enough. If I have to listen to another newscaster give another badly phrased description of another anything, I may scream! These people are getting paid to speak. Can they not get it correct?

“A nuther” (emphasis on the 'A') is not anywhere near proper grammar. Nuther is NOT a word! Even more offensive is the tendency to insert another word into the middle for emphasis, as in “A whole nuther!” Are you kidding me?

The British claim Americans have adulterated the English language. I'm beginning to think the British have been watching our evening news.

I don't claim to speak perfectly. I often use words such as “cuz” and “yeah” and even the occasional “ain't.” In my defense, I am not getting paid to have people listen to me – not yet, anyway! I am considering it. Maybe I could git a whole nuther job jist yapping at a camera.

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