Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's in a word?

As I mentioned in my last post, sometimes the creative process needs a little help.  Thanks to a few friends who offered words to challenge me, I came up with these little ditties.  Enjoy the fruits of this literary labor.

Hippy via Spencer Green
A Mississippi hippie named Skippy got lippy 'cause his sissy named Missy grew hippy.

Waffle-Iron via Reggie Stevenson

A wandering wallaby wanted to wash worries away with well water. He watched, waited, and wondered why a woman was wailing “whoops!” while her waffle-iron went wobbling westward.

Befuddled via Lauralee Sorensen Hart

Puzzled, muddled, and befuddled, the pup huddled where he puddled. (Or maybe he puddled where he huddled?)

Fenugreek via Lauralee Sorensen Hart

There once was a Finn named Leif
Who loved eating olives from Greece.
Leif's best friend was Sven
who just wouldn't eat
those luscious olives from Greece!
When Leif couldn't sleep
Friend Sven said, “You should eat
not olives, but this fenugreek.”
Now Leif eats fenugreek.
Some think Leif's a Greek
And the Finn says friend Sven is a geek!

Orange via Marie Olson

Opal only orates of oval objects or opines of edible orbs of oranges.

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