Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Early morning emergency!

It is not unusual around my house to receive phone calls and front door visits at odd hours.  My husband serves as local clergy and sometimes he is needed when most folks are sleeping.  When these occasions arise, some very specific questions pop into my head.  “Who died? Where is the fire? Do I need to tag along?  Does he need a white shirt?”

This morning, long before sunup, our doorbell rang.  That is unusual because it’s a temperamental bell and only works if it is pushed just right.  My husband, an early riser, was already in the shower and I was enjoying the last minutes of my morning – sound asleep!  When the bell rang, the questions began.  Thankfully, the list was interrupted with the thought, “You are in your underwear.  Find something else to throw on before you answer the door!”  With that, I scrambled through the dark house to don a robe and get to the front door before the individual in dire need gave up and departed.  As I readied myself for any number of emergencies that were about to present themselves, I opened the door to see a young man of about 22 years of age standing on my front step.  In his hand he held a newspaper.

“I deliver your paper,” he began.   “And … I don’t know if you know it or not, but … your house was toilet papered!”
It begins.

What?  Nobody died? I thought for a moment I was experiencing one of my early morning dreams that were often disjointed and completely senseless. I think I may have shaken my head to clear the cobwebs. He waited, dutifully, for my response.

“Um … yes, thank you.  It’s Homecoming week.  It will probably be like this all week. We’ll just leave it, but … THANKS!”  In earlier years I would have responded with much more sarcasm!  Lucky for him I have mellowed some.

I returned to my bedchamber, heart racing, still confused as to why my sleep was interrupted.  In nearly twenty years of receiving the traditional Homecoming Week honor of toilet paper on my lawn and in my trees, there has never been a Good Samaritan that felt the need to wake me from my slumber and inform me of the damages to my property.  I am hoping it will take at least twenty more before another comes my way!

My newspaper is still waiting on the step along with some of the evidence!

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