Wednesday, January 22, 2014

10 Best things about Maui

Rather than give a play-by-play of my vacation (I can do that well enough in person) I thought I would post a short list of my favorite things accompanied by a few photos!  Enjoy!

10 – Crashing surf and blowholes. We saw this one on a drive around West Maui.  It’s a sketchy road and makes the Road to Hana look like a highway!

9 – Seven Sacred Pools.  This freshwater dip was just what we needed after a two-mile 1000 foot climb to the waterfall that feeds them.

8 – Upcountry and Orchids of Olinda.  After this visit I believe even I can grow orchids! (Maybe not.)

7 – Road to Hana. Put it on your bucket list!

6 – Sandy Beaches. I even brought some of the sand home with me.  It’s in my ear canal. (That’s another story!)

5 – Lani Kai Snorkeling.  The captain was fabulous.  When the wind picked up he modified the cruise to find the best snorkeling spots.  The best, however, was his knowledge about humpback whales and the whale of a show that he found for us!

4 – Humpback Whales!  I wish I had some photos.  The competition for a female partner was incredible, as was the mother whale teaching her calf to breach.

3 – Humidity and 85◦. It occurred to me that there is no need to dust in Maui.  That's foreign to this country girl.

2 – Palm Trees!
   And more palm trees!

Did I mention palm trees?

1 – Hanging with my Hubby!
Things that didn't make the short list:
Lahaina, Banyan Trees, Hawaiian Shave Ice, Hot Island Glass, Haliimaile Coutry Store, and Ali’IKula Lavender farm, to name a few.

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