Monday, January 25, 2010

Teeny Little Triathlon?

My daughter is nagging me to accompany her on another physical adventure. I guess it's only fair since I nagged her into running her first 5K - but a triathlon? I don't know. I've talked about it - someday. It really is teeny. Only a 300 yd swim; I could do that without training. It's indoors, so the biking and running will be on gym equipment. Bike 2 miles. Run 1 mile. That's definitely easier than a road race. Hmm ...

Here's the problem: If I commit to this race, I am almost certain I will commit to a less "teeny little triathlon" in the future. Bigger. Outdoors. Half mile swim. Twelve mile ride. 5K run. Now that would take some preparation! Ugh! Racing is difficult enough, but the training commitment is a killer!

I'm afraid I'm going to get tricked into it!


  1. It's incidious, one teeny temptations and then................

  2. Oh come on. A little one one hurt.

  3. Hey Maria, are you going to join me nest time?