Friday, May 21, 2010

Is There a Support Group?

My name is Carol and I am a hoarder. This is evidenced by the number of bath towels I recently placed in a trash bag, tied neatly in a knot, still residing near the back door, thinking about making its way to the garbage cans outside. One might wonder at my actual hoarder status as I have taken steps to discard my old towels. I repeat, they are still residing near the back door.
It is difficult to part with said towels as some of them were acquired when I married – twenty-four years ago! It was a year for towels. Some brides receive blenders. Others are blessed with five or six irons. I received neither of those. There must have been a terrycloth liquidation that year. The volume of towel gifts I received might explain why they are still in my closet, except for the fact that several of them have been in use since week one of my blissful marriage.
How many bath towels are needed by a household of three? Three? Six? Forty? As many as you can stuff into one closet? Of course, there is always the possibility of company. It would be a crime to run out of towels when guests are about. However, the twenty-four year-old towels are simply unfit for guests.
As I emptied the closet, I wondered, “Why do I hang onto things so long?” Could it be I have a primal fear that if I discard them they may never be replaced? What if I come upon a rainy day and I have no storage of bath towels? This might be a valid concern but for the drawer full of new bath towels in the spare room. They belong to my son – graduation gifts! How many bath towels does one college student need? Five? Ten? As many as he can store at his mother’s house?
I think I’ll tackle shoes next.


  1. Do you have plastic containers to accompany the towels?

  2. No. All my plastic containers have water stored in them.