Monday, May 24, 2010

That's What I Thought

All he wanted was one little cake. What was so difficult about that, I thought. Throw together a shortcake from scratch, just like I often do, I thought. So that’s what I did, I thought. I opened the oven. What is that, I thought!

The shortcake had risen two inches above the sides of the pan and began spilling over. It’s a soufflĂ©, I thought. But it’s too fluid to be a soufflĂ©, I thought. Shut the door and cook it a little more, I thought.

Recheck the recipe, I thought. I scanned the ingredients. Too much baking powder, I thought. No, it checked out fine. Too much milk? It measured correctly. Not enough flour? Check. Check. Check.

Check the cake, I thought. I opened the door and discovered it was definitely a short cake! One half inch of goo covered the bottom of the pan. Globs of goo spotted the floor of the oven. Oops, I thought! Gotta clean the oven, I thought!

Review the recipe again, I thought. I’m losing my mind, I thought! Two eggs. One cup of sugar. One teaspoon of vanilla. Wait! ONE cup of sugar? I distinctly remembered using TWO. Dummy, I thought.

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  1. "Me thinks she thinks too much," I thought.