Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Remember Now ...

I have this little job that I do and sometimes I wonder why.  I am referring to my responsibility as school board trustee.  There are times when it seems tedious (policy revisions) and times when it seems hopeless (student expulsions) ... and then there is May!

Here is what happens in May:
  • State Championships
 To borrow a quote from The Wide World of Sports, "The thrill of victory.  The agony of defeat."
  • Music Concerts
Whether choir or band, one has to appreciate the number of students involved in music programs in our little district.  
  • Academic Awards
That is what we are all about - academic achievement.
  • Scholarships
Got a B average?  You can go to college, thanks to the philanthropists in our little town.
  • Graduation
This is "Pay Day" for school board trustees.  It is why we put up with the tedium, the frustrations, and the disciplinary hearings.  It is why, when someone asks, "Are you still on the school board?" I answer, "Yes.  Yes, I am!"  Occasionally, a trustee gets a "Bonus" on "Pay Day."  Occasionally, a trustee has the opportunity to present a diploma to his or her own offspring!

I am grateful for May!

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