Friday, May 20, 2011

Surely Shod

I've been running now for close to four years.  In that time I have worn and worn out four pairs of what I thought were running shoes.  In that same time, my son with the large feet, has shredded twice as many as I.  He has recently been suffering from a foot injury - tendonitis.  It could be a stress fracture, but that is only determined by a bone scan or MRI. (That's kind of like saying, "The only diagnosis for Mad Cow Disease is a brain autopsy.")  We are treating for tendonitis.

The treatment includes an anti-inflammatory drug, cold therapy (soak it in a bucket of icewater), taping for support, rest (he can begin resting as track season is over), and most recently, new shoes.  For the first time in the history of Green Family Runners, we visited a bona fide running store.  Amazing!

Here is what we learned:
  • He over-pronates.  This means he strikes the pavement with the outside of his foot and "snaps" it inward, thus straining supporting tendons.  Hence, the foot injury.
  • High definition video is awesome for diagnosing over-pronation!
  • Shoes make a difference.  In this case, stability shoes.
  • Shoe shredding is a symptom of combined over-pronation and inferior shoes.
  • All athletic shoe manufacturers price all performance shoes from $90 - $109!
  • If the original price of a "running" shoe is under $90, expect shredding!
  • Over $109?  Too much shoe.  You're gonna get ripped off!
  • How much does it cost to find a good shoe?  FREE! 
The shop owner did not have the right shoe for us, but he directed us to a location that would, and guess what? We found them on sale!  Original price - $99.  Twenty dollars off?  SOLD! I expect to see less shredding and improved tendons.  I should also net a savings due to the decreased shredding!

Guess what else?  I've told all my friends to go see "the guy at Pulse Running & Fitness" in Meridian. He took time to help us and didn't get the sale, but he will get more in the future.  This guy knows how to pay it forward.

Happy running - or shredding!  You pick!


  1. So glad you found the store! Evan more glad they were able to help Brock. It's amazing what the right shoe does.

  2. Maria - Thanks for the guidance!