Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Perfect Life?

What do you see?

A friend stopped by the other evening while I was preparing supper.  She had her pre-teen son with her and he was obviously hungry.  He surveyed my kitchen, noticing a cake cooling on the counter and the table set for two. 

“Ah,” he exclaimed, “the perfect life!”

I am sure that at that moment it did seem that my life was perfect – I was even wearing an apron!  What he didn’t know, was the only reason there was cake was because my youngest son was on his way home from college for a visit.  The apron was to protect my clothes because without it I tend to ruin them when I bake. 

I must say, my life is pretty good, but it isn’t perfect.  His vantage point only gave him that perception.  Think of it.  He was standing in my kitchen, hunger pangs growling in his stomach, at the very moment I was ready to serve up supper.  Of course, it seemed perfect!

Unfortunately, we often judge others by our vantage point.  Small moments in time form our opinions of others for good or bad as we compare them to our own lives.  Likewise, we judge ourselves by the 360 view we have of our own lives. Such distortion in our comparisons can prove damaging to us and others.  When we look at others through a keyhole, we might we remember that we have only a portion of the facts.  Their perfect life may be in need of some help, and their flawed life might have good cause to be such.  It might do us good on occasion to view ourselves through a keyhole. What do others see?
The big picture!

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