Friday, April 18, 2014

Redecorating with Behr

My dear friend, Paulee, was visiting several weeks ago and told me, “Carol, the next time I come to visit we are painting your bathroom!”  Paulee is the kind of friend that loves me in spite of my faults and loves me enough to give me advice when needed.  She was right.  That bathroom was long overdue for a face lift.  What makes it worse is it’s the “public” bathroom in our house.  Everyone sees it.

And we're prepping!
While cleaning said bathroom this week I determined to come to a decision on a paint color.  After cleaning the bathroom I decided it would be a good time to tape and repair holes in preparation for the paint.  I am a bit under the gun as my two college student sons are coming home for the summer.  If I didn’t paint before they arrived, it wouldn’t happen until fall. 

Having prepped the walls and prepared my mind for painting (not my favorite pastime) I made the thirty minute drive to town that evening to purchase paint from Home Depot. (I could write much about my relationship with Home Depot, but that will have to wait.) Unfortunately, the paint swatch I had picked out did not come from Home Depot!  So I made a stab at a close match. I returned home with a gallon of BehrDusty Olive. I had difficulty sleeping as I was so excited to get those ugly blue walls covered!

Bright and early Thursday I donned my grubby painting clothes (Sorry, no selfies!) and began the chore.  I had nearly completed the task when my hubby arrived home for lunch.  I had used only about a quart of paint. While we were munching on the lunch that he so kindly prepared I mused, “I wonder if I have enough paint for the kitchen?”
I got a little carried away.
And so it continued.  The prep work involved climbing up and down to remove objects above the counter. And up.  And down.

Just one of four collections to remove and replace.

When the task was completed, I had upgraded two rooms for about $40 and my shoulders and ankles hurt. 
Such a difference!
I have a new favorite paint color and I am wondering if I have enough paint left to cover a dining room wall!

I love this rich color.
 Gone is the ugly blue glazed white stuff.  I wonder why I had that blue paint?

Fresh new look!
Those chairs are OLD, as in 100 years!
What do you think?  Should I paint the wall on the right of this photo! Maybe I should ask Paulee ...


  1. YES!!! Well done. I have almost decided on my new living room color.

    1. Let me know if I can be of any help - choosing paint, that is!

  2. Hi Carol I love your choice, it is looking might fine!!

    Thank you for sharing on The Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday Linky this week!!!

    Have a great week!
    Karren Oh My Heartsie Girl

    1. Thanks, Karren! I love it, too. It is the first Behr with primer I have used. It was easy to work with and covered very well.
      Thanks for stopping by!