Monday, August 15, 2011

Another Running Lesson

Non-runners often wonder what makes runners want to run. Why do we do it? There isn't just one answer, and frankly, runners don't always know why they run. They can, however, tell you many things that running teaches them. This is just one lesson:

Walking is not an option.

Running is and always will be hard. The farther one can run, the farther he must push himself. The greater his condition, the faster he goes. He often wants to stop. What a luxury it would be just to stop and walk for a minute. He could catch his breath, work out a kink or two, and then run again when he felt stronger. During every run, and especially during every race, the thought crosses his mind, “I would really like to walk.”

Sometimes he does. When he does indulge in this luxury, he finds he feels better – for a moment. Then he must run again, and picking up the pace is difficult. He also finds that he is tempted more frequently to take a breather and walk. It is better to continue to run.

I sometimes find myself there, not on the road or the track, but in life. So many times it would feel good to just walk a bit – to rest. Unfortunately, when I feel the most like resting are the times it is critical to keep moving forward. A breather could prove costly!

“I would really like to walk,” but walking is not an option. It is better to continue to run.

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