Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Does it Really Mean?

You've heard the expression, “And then the wheels started coming off.” It is a metaphor most often referring to the falling apart of a plan. How about this one? “I'm going to drive it into the ground.” This is yet another metaphor for using something until there is nothing left to use, as in a car or a vacuum. (Spelled it correctly this time!)
Well, today I did both! As I was mowing our large and hilly lawn with my John Deere mower that has high miles and a rebuilt body, one wheel fell off! The drive wheel, however, was still engaged in its duty, continuing to propel the mower forward literally driving it into the ground! There is a lovely gouge in the hillside of my front lawn.
And I thought they were merely metaphors ...


  1. This got me laughing. What a keen sense of humor you have. Found your blog through the Eclectic Collage book. Love it!