Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I have begun!

Okay, it's only 640 words of a rough draft of one chapter of one book, but it's a start!  I have been telling myself and others that I was going to write another book.  I suppose it's time to follow through.  Unlike the first one, Gold Pans and Iron Skillets, or the second one (a novel - yet to be published), this book is a bit more purpose driven.  I can tell you that the subject matter is pain and that I prefer to teach a lesson with a story.  I can also tell you that I intend to hold true to my motto, "Learn to laugh and laugh while you learn."  That being said, I also admit that there have been times when I have laughed because had I not, I would have cried.  Stay tuned for progress reports.  Unless you are one of my preferred proof readers, you shall have to wait on the body of the work until that magical day when I can say, "Whew! I have finally published that book I talked about for so long!"  In the meantime, please do not forget to laugh!

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