Thursday, October 8, 2009

For Judy

My sister has a fishin’ hole
And it’s just right for her.
She built it there in her backyard
Where she can dig some worms.

It’s really kinda fancy
‘Cuz it’s full of planter fish.
Just hook a worm and cast yer line
You’ll catch one, ‘less ya miss.

A drain pipe’s in the middle
So the pond is always fresh.
It strains out all the noxious weeds
Through a cover made of mesh.

Sometimes they move the cover
And I’m not sure just why.
For when they must replace it
It’s tough to remain dry!

Some rebar and some wadin’ boots
Are both tools that’s required.
I said, “What were ya thinkin’?
For this job I’d have hired!”

I grabbed her belt, she leaned over
Drain cover on a hook,
Stretchin’ far as she could reach.
A fine sight we did look!

Now we’re not young
And we’re not spry
But hold her I did try!
Although she did replace it
She is no longer dry!


  1. Fell in head over heals
    looking like a flounder
    this is quite the ordeal
    cuz we still haven't found her!!!!

  2. I thought I wrote yesterday, but it isn't here. Since we have access to many things metal, we now have a light weight aluminum pole with a hook and a leverage pipe with rollers anchored at the edge of the pond. Much safer. Plus, if you do get dunked we can FISH you out without a crane.