Friday, October 9, 2009

I Win!

Scott threw down the gauntlet
And he tried to start a war.
We kicked up our miles
Since he could ride so far.

He was way ahead of us
And we thought we were beat.
Kevin logging his on wheels
And I on my two feet.

But Scotty got discouraged
Cuz his bones and muscles ached.
We just kept on going
Cuz pain’s a part of age!

I began to write a bit,
I even started blogging.
Scott just had to copy me
Recording miles he’s logging!

But one thing I have over Scott
He’ll never catch me here!
I have way more birthdays
Cuz I’m his Auntie Dear!


  1. I didn't get discouraged
    but my body it did ache
    now I am empowered
    a quick study I did make

    Armed with a bit of knowledge
    gaining more every day
    the same goes for mileage
    Ahead of me you won't stay

    If I do not catch up
    I will know why
    for old age and treachery
    Will overcome the Youths excited try!