Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Call Myself A Writer

I call myself a writer
And I think it’s kinda neat,
That I do my work at home
In blue jeans and stockin’ feet.

I tried to write a novel
But somehow it wuz all wrong.
So I put the words to music
And I claimed I writ a song.

I couldn’t get it published
‘less I handed them some bucks.
So I mortgaged off the homestead
And I even sold my truck.

Now my novel’s in the dumpster
And I ain’t got any wheels.
My song sounds like a train wreck
And I’m panhandlin’ for meals!


  1. AH HA, I am the first of your followers, and I've sold one of your books WHEEEEEEE!!!

  2. Hey, guess what, my painting efforts are nearly as successful as your poem claims you have been.

  3. Scooter, I always knew you were an over achiever!