Monday, February 7, 2011

It's All Uphill!

I live in a hole.

I am not complaining that my life is the pits or that I am stuck in a rut, the statement is literal – not figurative. I live in a geographical hole.

I was reminded of this around 5:00 am when the rich aroma of a local polecat found its way into my home and interrupted my slumber! Burning leaves, smoldering grass piles, and skunk scents from around the neighborhood often creep down the streets and into my space. The heavier the air – the richer the aroma. It was foggy this morning!

Living in a hole offers a bit of privacy. The neighbors above us view our roof rather than gazing straight through our windows.

Although the aromas are annoying, they are few and far between. The inconvenience of hole dwelling becomes a greater issue when one desires to exercise providing, of course, that one is a runner or a biker … and we are.

“It's uphill in every direction.” A common complaint in the Green household. This is only partially true. There is another path that begins on a downhill slope, but it is less desirable as it encounters more traffic and population. It also requires a hill climb at the end of the workout to return home!

So we run and we ride and we whine … and we pray that the wind doesn't blow, because the only thing worse than running uphill is running uphill with a headwind!

When someone quotes, “There's no place to go but up,” we take it literally!


  1. At least your uphill is the first part of your workout. Mine is always at the end when I am tired and there is no alternate route but up. I guess that reminds me I should always move upward even when I am dog tired.

  2. Maria - I would probably walk it and call it a "cool down!"