Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time to Repent

Here is a little background ...

A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen. The process was "supposed" to take about six weeks max. Six months later we were finally putting the finishing touches on the kitchen. I will spare readers the tedium of the details. Suffice it to say that my "favorite store" became a slur in my vocabulary and I had a desire to inflict grave bodily harm on bystanders whenever I heard The Home Depot Jingle!

Of course, The Home Depot was not spared. I conveyed my displeasure in a lengthy account of the proceedings, missteps, and neglect. I even went so far as to fill out an online job application for their kitchen and cabinet design department because, "I was certain I could do a better job than the designers that had worked with me!"

The comedy of errors that was our remodel has yet to become completely comical to me. In the years since I have boycotted the store as often as possible. When the occasional need for DIY home repair occurs I frequent any and all facilities available prior to patronizing The Home Depot. Then I send my husband!

Our toilet seat broke. He went to The Home Depot and purchased a new seat.

"Hey, I had four different people offer to help me at The Home Depot today!"


"Ya, it was quite refreshing."

"Ya, well,I still hate that store." (I love my new kitchen. It's the store that causes me grief.)

A bracket on one of my cabinet drawers broke.

He - "Do you want to go to Home Depot with me?"

Me - "No."

He - "Well, I think I can get a part to fix it."

Me - "They should have some kind of lifetime guarantee!"

He went to Home Depot. I looked online. He brought back some generic hardware. I found "Available Exclusively at The Home Depot. Lifetime Warranty. Contact The Home Depot."

I had to go to The Home Depot.

The attractive blond in the design department called the cabinet manufacturer. She ordered 4 replacement parts that will be shipped to my home "at no charge." One part will replace the broken bracket while the other three are spares. You know what that means? I don't have to go to The Home Depot next time the plastic parts fail!

We needed a vacuum belt. An employee directed us to the vacuum belts and I found exactly the one I needed! We encountered two more offers of help before we left the store!

He - "Wasn't that refreshing?"

Me - "I'm kind of in shock!"

I'm still in shock. The Home Depot might be my new favorite store!

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