Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just what did I accomplish?

I devoted a day to correspondence. I was not certain what I actually accomplished - a number of tasks fell under the "Correspond" category. Some would seem as though they had nothing to do with correspondence, yet their completion made it easier for me to correspond!

* I cleaned out a cabinet. I dumped outdated catalogs in the trash, dusted the cabinet, and restocked it with mailing labels, envelopes and copy paper. This simple act of de-cluttering freed some parts of my brain!

* I calendared some items and tossed the notes and reminders littering my desk. I have found that keeping an accurate calendar prevents missed deadlines and also frees up space in my brain.

* I deleted old and uninteresting email messages.

* I wrote and published a blog entry about my Christmas gifts.

* I put a new ink cartridge in my printer and plugged it in to my recently refurbished, not quite as good as new, laptop. It worked!

* I printed and filed several online receipts that have been in limbo while awaiting a functioning computer.

* I did the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper to sharpen my word skills.

* I spent time on Facebook.

* I sent text messages to my daughter.

* I composed a scholarship renewal letter for my missionary son.

* I researched scholarship and application deadlines - also for the missionary son.

* I emailed my missionary son.

* I queried three literary agents about my manuscript "A Time to Heal" and I made a spreadsheet to track the queries. I netted three rejections!

* I recorded the correspondence tasks in a notebook and later shared them here!

Fourteen tasks. I suppose the day was fruitful after all.

What I learned?
Those days when you wonder, "Have I done any good?" Make a record of your tasks. You might surprise yourself.

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