Thursday, November 17, 2011

Angel Walk - Part One

This post was originally intended for another blog.  It was never published.  I am sharing it now. Part Two will follow.
Race Volunteers

The Treasure Valley is full of racing opportunities for everyone from the runner that prefers to “walk just a bit” to the serious athlete eager to take home top prize. Having determined that my best physical fitness trick is to always have a race to prepare for, I chose the Famous Idaho Potato event on May 14. My intent was to run the 10K. My training opportunities have not led me to that goal very effectively! I aborted the 10K mission and opted for a shorter race. Six miles is a bit daunting, but three miles is doable after training for a longer race. A 5K it is! I wanted to follow through on the date, so I found another race in Ontario, OR on the same day. My running partner found yet another race on May 14 and my plans changed once again!
Freedom to Serve

Although most races have a cause, such as “Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure” and “St. Luke's Women's Fitness Celebration,” the community of Homedale, ID is rallying around one of its own. A young boy is battling cancer and they have come together to support him. The Angel Walk is just one of their efforts. That is part of the beauty of rural Idaho. This state is dotted with small communities that come together like extended families. They know one another and when one of their own suffers, they all suffer – and then they take action!

The Angel Walk fits my needs perfectly. Homedale is a short drive away. I can feel good about my meager $15 registration fee because this cause will benefit someone directly. I don't have to fight crowds or park and ride a shuttle! If I really feel deserving after my race I can visit the Frosty Palace. If I'm too hot and tired when I get done, I can even jump in the Snake River to cool off. I probably won't - but I could! Best of all, I may even see the face of the young man I am there to support. I can participate in a bigger race another time. I've done it before and it was all about “Me.” Did I beat my time from last year? How much free chocolate milk can I have? How many people did I beat across the finish line?

This race is different. It isn't about me. Maybe this race is actually the “bigger” race.

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