Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Square Ice Cream

Along the Snake River and through the mountains
To Grandma's house we went. 
Always a stop 
At the “Square Ice Cream Shop” 
In Swan Valley our money we spent. 
I didn't dare ask. 
Just hoped not to pass. 
Maybe Dad wanted a Maplenut treat. 
Sometimes he drove past,
Then doubled back 
To give us a scare. Such a tease! 
Ice cream cone in hand 
The true test began. 
Could I keep it square to the end? 
A lick up each side 
And one 'cross the top, 
I worked as swift as I could. 
But, alas, my nose ached! 
Melting cone he would take 
And round off the edges and drips. 
No more square ice cream passed my lips!

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