Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Can't You Just Smell it?

Ahh, the aromas of Thanksgiving!  It has begun.  I cut up bread for turkey stuffing this morning and it is drying in the oven, filling my home with a warm yeasty scent.  I enjoy the smells of Thanksgiving almost as much as the flavors.  Maybe more.  After all, they don't leave me with the same over stuffed uncomfortable feeling as do the flavors!
Tomorrow I will bake pumpkin pies and prepare cranberry sauce filling my home with two very distinct and pleasant odors.
Thursday - aromatic awesomeness! I love the smell of turkey roasting with the savory scent of sage enticing me to sample stuffing long before it is time to dish it onto my dinner plate.
Fresh rolls!  Apple Pie!  Green beans! 
It is fortunate one cannot gain weight simply by inhaling.  I would be in some serious trouble!

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